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Miya on “Yue ni, matenrou” (

Miya’s ultimative adivce if you go to Japan (

Miya’s ultimative adivce if you go to Japan (

Miya on MUCC’s “change” (

Miya on a possible Europe tour in spring 2015 (

Miya on Visual kei (



"I saw the end of the world
I saw it with these eyes
that’s why I could sing about it
even if it was just a fleeting daydream
that’s where it all started
a new world has just begun"

Yue ni, matenrou (MUCC)


~ 逹瑯 2009 ~


Mucc Blog Translation



Good evening, it’s Fukuno. From the 7 month long tour, which started in march, only 4 lives left, together with Yoyogi. During this half year long tour, it became my hobby to go eat out alone before the tours.

 I’ve wrote about that on twitter, and in the blog. It was really lonely funny. However, this series will also end tomorrow at Osaka Castle Outdoor Concert hall*, with the vs Golden Bomber live. (* Note: or the so-called Osaka Jouon Gakudou which is an open air concert hall in the park of the Osaka castle

 ” For this, let’s play the lonely Fukuno all day!!!!”  I’ve pledged, and was thinking about this and that on my way to Osaka on the Shinkansen. As I was lost in my thoughts, in a blink of an eye, I’ve arrived. I’m Fukuno.

As I’ve arrived at the hotel, I’ve immediately started to wander around on the streets.

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